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Full Standard Service

A full service is recommended every 6 to 12 months.  We give your bike a full clean and degrease and re-grease the drivetrain. We re-index the gears and tensioning brake back to full function, replacing parts if required. Comes complete with a 20 point check list and full report. (Parts not included)

What's Included:


  • Check frame 

  • Check drivetrain

  • Check braking

  • Check cables

  • Check headset 

  • Check hubs 

  • Check bottom bracket

  • Check hanger alignment

  • Check tires

  • Degrease and re grease chain

  • Clean cassette

  • Clean derailleurs

  • Clean frame

  • Clean wheels

  • True wheels

  • Index gears 

  • Tension brakes

  • Torque required bolts

  • Check tires are seated correctly

  • Inflate tires    


All of this for only £45

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