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Strip down Service

Whether you've been out riding in all conditions or have recently rediscovered your bike, this service is the full works and is recommended every 12 to 18 months. We give your bike a full clean and degrease and re-grease the drivetrain.. We re-index the gears and tensioning brake back to full function, replacing parts if required. This service also includes a focus on the internals. Our mechanic will completely disassemble and reassemble your bike from the hubs to the bottom bracket. If you would like full peace of mind this service is for you. Complete with a full 30 point report and check sheet. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.  (Parts not included)

What's Included:

  • Frame check 

  • Clean Frame

  • Remove bottom bracket 

  • Degrease headset

  • Re-grease and seat headset/fork

  • Re-grease bottom brackets (torque)

  • Check hanger alignment

  • Clean cranks and fit (torque bolts)

  • Pull rear derailleur apart de-grease degrease  

  • Clean front derailleur

  • Clean calipers and check pads 

  • De-grease and clean chain

  • Fit handlebars (torque bolts)

  • Clean seat post re-grease (torque bolts)

  • Pull cassette off and clean

  • Wheels check (true/braking surface)

  • Pull hubs apart check bearings

  • Degrease re-grease bearing re seat

  • Check dust covers/seals

  • Re-tension axel

  • Check spoke tension

  • True wheels

  • Index gears 

  • Tension brakes    

All of the above for only £90

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