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Bike Fitting


It is incredibly important to have your bike fitted to you. Whether you are a recreational rider or a competitive rider, a bike fit is essential. Our trained bike fitter will measure your flexibility and movement and will fit the bike to you to ensure you have the ultimate riding position for comfort and efficiency.  

How does is work?
Our Bike Fit is personalised to you.  Each style of riding - MTB, Road and Tri - requires different demands from the body hence a different fit is needed.  Previous injuries are considered and we will work around any problems to get the best end result.

We will take you through a series of tests to find your bone length measurements and flexibility levels.  We will then make according adjustments to parts of the bike so you have the ultimate riding position. 

The 3 main parts to a bike fit:

  • Cleat fit.

  • Body fit.

  • Saddle fit.



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