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A thorough specialist service every 4 to 6 months is the optimum time to ensure your bike keeps running like new. We pride ourselves on our in-depth cycle services where we intricately look at a bike's brake performance, gear indexing, fittings, wheel trueness and overall function to ensure it's safe, smooth and ready to champion your next ride. Pop in to discuss our bike services. 

All bikes run into trouble once in a while,

and when they do we're here ready to fix them.

From a tyre change and a chain tweak, to a much-needed bike maintenance and complete body repair overhaul - we'll fix all bike issues right here at your local Market Harborough bike shop, Mega Bike UK. Just bring your bike in whenever we're open or call us to book a slot. 

As soon as you experience a professional bike fit and the difference it can make to your ride, you'll never look back. An incorrectly fitted bike can cost you speed, time, damage and wasted energy.  Fear not, as our team provide a professional and affordable bike fitting service where we'll make sure you're riding in the best position possible.  In other words; minimal effort = maximum output.


Examples of Mega Bike UK's work.



"We revolve around exceptional service, whether that's a great bike service or just some friendly advice on bike parts, cycling accessories or a new bike." - Elliot, owner & mechanic  

With over 10 years' industry experience in the UK & Australia, and knowledge in all aspects of cycling, specialist mechanic and owner Elliot knows his stuff.  

With the mantra 'Service Is Everything' you'll only get the best here at Mega Bike UK.

We'll show you the value and importance of a thorough, reliable local bike shop and the benefit it'll have on your bike and your ride!  

We offer a range of bespoke services from road bike repairs and bike fittings,

to a full bike service and overhaul. 

Want to work on your cycling technique? We also run in-store cycling and spin classes to help you work on your cycling performance and overall fitness. The perfect excuse to train indoors during those chilly winter evenings in Market Harborough.

Pop down to meet our friendly team of keen athletes who know that cycling is about much more than just good bike maintenance... Although that's a good place to start.  

Before we go, why not join our cycle club?

If you ride a road bike and you love a good time then you're IN.

Get in touch with Elliot for more details.


Unit 6 Fernie House, Fernie Road,

Market Harborough,


07710 409420


Tuesday: 10am - 5pm

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